GRAV1TY Digital Enterprise Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) is an Enterprise grade Lifecycle Management and Continuous Delivery solution on Salesforce Platform™ for managing Business data & Product data. This solution streamlines end to end DLM activities, enabling Enterprises achieve faster time to market in a repeatable and reliable manner.

What is your Lead Time to Release?

Can you release your Products and Offers in one day? Can you release them on-demand?

Faster time to Market. Digital Agility.

Manage Digital Product Lifecycles. Streamline Operations. Release often. Release on-time.

Time to market – without DLM

Releasing digital products & services through Design, Test, and Production cycles to digital channels is usually done via scripts & files, manual jobs, email approvals, etc., and the entire release process can take days to weeks to months.

Time to market – with DLM

GRAV1TY DLM Solution is built for Salesforce® Digital companies. DLM offers a business friendly solution to release new Products & Services to Production in a repeatable, reliable and streamlined fashion. Salesforce enterprises can now enforce Lifecycle Management and Continuous Delivery processes with ease and confidence. Enterprises can now achieve near real-time data management and same day release capabilities!


Data Processes


Change Management

Track and manage changes to Business data and Product data

Lifecycle Management & Approvals

Enforce business policies at various lifecycle stages before releasing to Production

Data Operations


DataOps & CI / CD

Streamline your data operations with Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery.  Release to market on time. Everytime.

Logs & Manifests

View logs of all activities with full traceability – who, what, and when

Platform & Security


Salesforce native and additive

Built natively and additively on Salesforce Platform

Secure and Traceable

Data is securely managed on Salesforce Platform. All data movements are traceable


  • Faster Time to Market with a streamlined release process
  • Change Management & Lifecycle Phase-gate approvals in day to day activities
  • Fast data deployments across systems with on-demand & scheduled delivery
  • Efficient DataOps with Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Security Policies on Business and Product data deployments
  • Business Visibility and Compliance with full traceability
  • Consistency, Reliability and Repeatability in Business and Product processes
  • 100% Salesforce® native solution – data stays secure in Salesforce eco-system

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