GRAV1TY is a Silicon Valley company led by experienced technology leaders with experience working in this space for decades. Our experience and vison sets us apart and our customers can see the difference. Our integrity and customer focus makes us a trusted partner for the customer. That is why, they choose us.

Our goal is to be the most complete data management solution on the Salesforce platform and that we will have top tier customers across the globe.

We are growing. You will be an integral part of building something great and you can leave your footprint with your imagination, your creativity and your knowledge.

You will be part of our early founding team. If you have the energy, drive, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, and you find it exiciting to build something from a blank canvas, and work with a talented team of peers, then reach out to us @

Director of Product Management (Coming soon)

Location: Bay area, USA

Reporting to: CEO

You will be the first PM in the company, and you will be leading our main Product Suite – Digital Enterprise Lifecycle Management. You will be taking over the reins from the CEO. You will own this roadmap and execution completely.This role will grow as the company grows and you will be leading a team of PMs both in US and in India. You will play an influential role in bringing the product to life.

Join now and be part of the founding team.

Compensation is a combination of Stock options and Salary.

  • 100% hands-on role
  • Support inbound and outbound product management
  • Outbound product management responsibilities include
    • Interfacing with customers
    • Creating Marketing literature
    • Creating Requirements design documents
  • Inbound product management roles
    • Defining roadmaps and prioritization
    • Creating Functional design documents
    • Creating UI Mockups and design flows
    • Interfacing with engineering throughout the program
    • Program management of releases

Grav1ty uses of blend of defining solid long term roadmaps/vision with supporting design documents and an agile execution paradigm. JIRA planning etc are supported by well defined functional design documents. You will have full responsibility to drive the roadmap. This is an action oriented company – we move fast and you will cherish seeing the fruition of your efforts.


  • 10+ years of experience in Enterprise Software (Oracle, SAP, Salesforce etc.) with all the trappings of functional PM experience
  • Technical and functional PM first – need to have solid understanding of the technical aspects of the designs
  • Must have experience in building products from ground up
  • Must have successfully released multiple product releases and adopted by customers
  • Must have experience in designing enterprise app mockups, writing precise requirements and flows and knowing how to handshake with Engineering.
  • Highly desirable experience in Lifecycle Management applications and deep understanding of versioning (in the context of Enterprise Applications) – ex: PLM / Product Catalogs etc
  • Highly desirable experience in Metadata driven, configurable solutions

Country Head of Engineering

Location: Hyderabad, India

Reporting to: Head of Engineering US


The India development team is an integral part and extension of the US team. Both teams have a singular purpose and goal of building a unified product suite. Both teams will own specific functional areas that they design, implement, test and release.

  • You are the technical leader and manager for our development team in India.
  • Build the team from ground up – includes posting jobs, manage incoming candidates, interviewing and recruiting, on-boarding efficiently and effectively.
  • Be a hands on leader – know the guts of what is happening in our entire technical portfolio (at least for the first few releases). Actively contribute to the deliverables. And use that knowledge and oversight to guide x-teams in a manner that improves the quality and productivity of the team.
  • Work with the US team and collaborate across the ocean. Ensure proper communications exist and we have unified processes and patterns that we use on both sides.
  • Robustness and Architectural solidity – GRAV1TY believes in sound software development practices. It is expected that this leader will set the right architectural and design trends and through guidance and oversight ensure that the software solutions follow sound architectural principles and proper design patterns. Ensure that we use consistent design guidance and patterns and collaborate together with the US team.
  • Quality – There is the solution quality, code quality, design quality etc. – doing good quality work is a reflection of each of us. As a leader, you need to instill these behaviors in our team ethos
  • Team Performance – Manage teams to perform at their peak through solid communication, collaborative environment, and proper guidance and clear expectation setting.
  • On boarding – Ensure that when we onboard team members there is a process to assimilate them effectively onto the team
  • Process – We believe in process. Agile makes sense only when the design is done well. So we will need proper analysis and technical design before we implement, we need proper documentation and organization of our documents, proper commenting of code / code reviews, proper test automation etc. Define and enforce process
  • Planning and Delivery – Ensure proper planning and delivery of your team’s deliverables.

Other Engineering / QA Roles

Location: Hyderabad, India


We are looking for Engineers / Developers / QA at various levels of experience.

  • 3 – 5+ years of experience in Software development / Product development domain
  • Must have worked in Enterprise software domain (like Oracle, SAP, etc.)
  • Strong Object Oriented technologies experience and related languages (like Java, C++ etc.)
  • Desired experience in Salesforce platform – APEX Coding etc
  • Good discipline in coding styles, coding patterns, architectural maturity, and code quality


QA / QA lead

  • Implement testing tools / QA processes / Reporting and tracking etc
  • 3 – 5+ years of testing experience in Enterprise domain / Cloud applications
  • Writing test plans, test scripts and executing them
  • Black box and white box testing
  • Test automation
  • UI testing and test automation