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In today’s environment, successful businesses need to be nimble and agile to meet rapidly changing market dynamics. Businesses need to be comfortable with constant change. Managing constant change in enterprises requires modern tools and processes that allows for continuous collaboration – tools that support agility via shorter release cycles, and tools that provide for active automation in data release and data operations.

This is the new-age problem that is universally applicable to all agile businesses. And, this is a classical Operations challenge for IT and Business Groups. GRAV1TY Data Hub is a Data Operations management solution that can be deployed natively and additively on that enables teams to achieve this rapid deployment with repeatable and reliable success.

Benefits of deploying GRAV1TY DataHub

Benefits - Native and additive

Native and Additive on Salesforce

Works seamlessly with your applications

Benefits - Real time visibility

Real time visibility

Provide visibility on project, tasks, data management etc.

Benefits - Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration. Secure Collaboration.

Include all team members throughout the process. Ensure that the right people have access to the right information and ensure the right people can perform the right tasks

Benefits - Improves Productivity

Improve productivity and operational efficiency by a magnitude

Reduce manual steps and configure and automate the operations

Benefits - Configure not code

Configure, not code

No two companies are alike. No two processes are alike. Configure your eco-system, your flows, your processes, etc to meet your business needs.

Benefits - Repeatability

Repeatability and Reliability

Manage your process and your operations. Ensure consistency in your operations and in your results.

Product Details

Product - Salesforce cloud

Native and additive on Salesforce platform

Our solution is built additively and natively on platform so it works right alongside Salesforce and any custom apps built on Salesforce. This solution will enable you to manage your change management processes and automate the flow of information across your multiple salesforce Orgs and other systems in your eco-system.

Product - Data driven configuration

Data-driven Configuration Management

Flexibility is the key in enabling systems to meet continuously changing needs. Every business and every process and every configuration is a little different. Not to worry, our data-driven configuration and extensibility will allow you to model your business, your systems, and your processes without writing code. If you need more advanced control, we have you covered with the right level of extensibility with our open interfaces.

Product - Continuous delivery

Project and Task management

Manage your projects and tasks and ensure compliance that all the defined tasks are completed as per plan. Allocate tasks to individuals and track progress.

Product - Continous collaboration

Continuous Collaboration. Secure Collaboration

Allow team members to collaborate with each other and ensure that proper roles and responsibilities are defined and honored throughout the lifetime of the project

Product - Cointinuous delivery verification

Continuous Delivery & Continuous Verification

Define configurable pipelines and policies to move, merge, update, etc. across your environments. Ensure that the right gates are cleared. Ensure that the right information is sent to the right destination and have complete visibility on the state of the project. Verify conflicts and resolve conflicts. Verify delivery. Automate the processes to ensure consistent, reliable, repeatable and efficient delivery of data across your eco-system.

Product - Reporting


Have complete visibility on the project and task progress. Have full view of the data flows – what is done, what is not done and what corrective actions to be taken. Be in control.

Product - Release Management

Release Management

Ensure that the release management goes through proper decision gates and proper approvals are in place before moving from one gate to another. Define and configure your approvals and processes to meet your business needs. Get visibility into your project status and ensure that the policies and compliance requirements are met.


GRAV1TY is a led by Silicon Valley veterans with decades of experience in Enterprise Software with extensive background in data management and lifecycle management solutions. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery solution addresses the need to manage constant change in business data and related data and release management challenges. Our mission is to enable SMB and large enterprises to be agile and nimble and be able to respond to market dynamics quickly, efficiently and reliably. Our cloud based software will be available worldwide for all customers.

We are located at:

3350 Scott Blvd., Bldg 19, Suite 1901, Santa Clara, CA 95054

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